Can an Impact Driver Replace a Drill/Driver Combo Tool?

Can an Impact Driver Replace a Drill/Driver Combo Tool?

Drilling holes and fastening nuts with a drill driver requires a lot of effort. Drill drivers have good rotational torque, but you must have felt that it is not enough for heavy work. Plus, the drill drivers can recoil and put a strain on the user.

With time, we have seen advancements in the drill drivers. Drivers are hardly seen with a cord after the advent of the cordless drill driver. You also have the easy switching option between the drilling and driving in the form of a forwarding/reverse switch. Then we have seen drill bits coming in different sizes with better fitting. Hammer drill driver has also joined the drill driver family. It was designed especially for drilling into hard surfaces.

Now the latest drill driver we have is the impact drill driver. It has features and functions that solve the problems of using drill combo tools like recoil and strain. It works smooth and faster. Let us dig into the features of an impact driver and what it can do. We will also see if an impact driver can replace all the drill driver tools or not.

What is an Impact Driver Used for?

Impact drivers are more advanced and powerful than the other drill drivers. The impact driver is the choice of tool for many professionals. Even the homeowners are now turning towards the impact drivers for home repair works.

Impact driver, like the cordless drill driver, comes with rechargeable batteries. It has a compact pistol like shape and agronomic design like most of the drill drivers. The chuck of the impact driver only accepts a hex shanked drill bit. Hex shanked drill bits have better fitting than the normal rounded drill bits. The impact driver drill bits usually come in ¼ of an inch.

But what makes it unique and advanced than the other drill drivers is its functionality. Impact driver works at astonishing speed with powerful torque. It can drive deep and fasten screws out of the densest material like hardwood. Likewise, it can drill holes in the hardest of the materials like concrete.

Impact Driver

Advantages of  Impact Drivers over Other Drill Drivers?

By now, you have must have some idea of how impact drivers are better than drill driver combo tools. The torque rating of an impact driver is twice or thrice than the other types of drill drivers. Drilling into hard surfaces and fastening tough screws is effortless with impact drivers than the others.

With an impact driver, you do not experience recoil after continuous drilling. The impact driver is easy on your wrist. It does not give strain on your hand after heavy work which most drill drivers do.

The impact driver is the best tool for fastening and driving self-driving screws. Impact drivers can easily drive and loosen tough screws that drill drivers and cordless drills are unable to. You already know that impact driver is the choice of tool for drilling holes in very hard surfaces. 

impact driver is the choice of tool for drilling holes in very hard surfaces

Which Driver Tools can an Impact Driver Replace?

Now we will have a look at drill driver tools one by one to see when and how can an impact driver replace them.

Corded Drill Driver

Can an impact driver replace a corded drill driver? Well, corded drill drivers are already replaced with the cordless drivers, so the comparison of the two is nothing much of an importance.

Cordless Drill Driver

 The multipurpose use of a cordless drill driver has made it the most popular driver tool. It is the ultimate tool that you would find in every toolbox. It can drill holes into a variety of surfaces. The cordless driver can also drive small screws and bolts easily. With the number of attachments, a cordless drill driver can do most of your repair work. Cordless drill drivers have a wide range of different drill bits that other drill drivers do not have.

Impact drivers are basically a cordless drill driver with high torque settings and hex shank drill bit. You cannot use a cordless drill driver for driving big and tough screws. You will need an impact driver for driving and fastening deep and tough screws.

Cordless drill drivers cannot work well on hard surfaces. That is the job of an impact driver or a hammer driver. If you have to drill long and deep holes in tough surfaces, a cordless drill driver would recoil quick and put a strain on the user.

If you have to deal with all sorts of surfaces and screws you must have an impact driver. However, it does not mean that an impact driver can completely replace the cordless drill driver. There are situations when using a cordless drill driver is best for you than an impact drill driver.

The impact driver is not suitable for light-weighted surfaces. It can break through a light surface if you try to drill with it.

Impact drivers have high torque. Most of the impact drivers do not have an adjustable clutch to lower the speed. That means you have less control over the speed. This can be a problem when you have to drill small and precise holes. Impact drivers with great speed and power will make a bigger and deeper hole than you may need, in an instant.

Hammer Drill Driver

Hammer drill driver and an impact driver both can drill holes into the heavy material like concrete and brick. But the main purpose of an impact driver is to drive and fasten tough and long screws. On the other hand, the hammer drill is solely designed for drilling holes in hard surfaces.

The drilling power and speed of the two depend upon the brand and quality. If you compare the impact driver and the hammer driver of the same quality, it is better to use a hammer drill for drilling in the hard surfaces, especially masonry. The hammer drill works fast and furious on the hard surfaces.

Some hammers have an additional feature that allows them to turn back into a regular drill. When you have to use a drill driver for drilling both the light and hard surfaces, you should opt for a hammer drill. Impact drills cannot make small and precise holes in the light-weighted surfaces. The high rotary torque can cause wear and tear when used on the light surfaces.

In case, you cannot afford to keep both the drivers and have to switch between drilling, and driving tough screws constantly; impact drivers would work fine.  

impact driver

Wrapping Up

Impact drivers are gaining popularity as a drill driver tool. Many professionals and homeowners are opting for an impact drill driver. It is best for driving and fastening tough screws. Impact drivers can also drill holes in heavy surfaces.

Regardless of an impact driver being a powerful and versatile tool, it cannot replace the other drill driver tools. Drilling with an impact driver is fine. But for the concrete surfaces, it is better to use a hammer drill driver. There are certain limitations to using an impact driver. It cannot drill holes in light-weighted surfaces. You cannot drill precise holes easily with an impact driver. For simple and lighter repair work cordless drill works perfectly fine.