Features in a Cordless Drill Driver That are Really Appreciated

Features in a Cordless Drill Driver That are Really Appreciated

The cordless drill driver is one of the most underappreciated tools we have. It seems like such a regular tool. With the advent of advanced and powerful drill drivers like impact drill driver, it’s easy to underestimate the value of a cordless drill driver. There is so much you can do with a regular cordless drill driver at ease without any need of high power or an impact driver. Let’s see what features of the cordless drill drivers are the most appreciated ones.

No Cord

It’s an obvious fact that the cordless drill driver has no cord, making it very convenient for use. The cordless drill drivers have almost replaced the corded drill drivers. The requirement and hassle of a power source make the best of the corded drill drivers of no use when you can get a good quality cordless drill under budget.


Rechargeable Batteries

Cordless drill drivers have rechargeable batteries as they don’t need an electrical power source. Not only the batteries are rechargeable, but you can find many of them long-lasting. You don’t have to recharge the batteries of your cordless drill driver very often.


Adjustable Clutch

An adjustable clutch makes your cordless drill driver worth its use. Many cordless drivers have an adjustable clutch with as many as 24 settings. The higher the clutch settings of a cordless drill, the higher the torque the drill pulls out. With an adjustable clutch, you’re able to control the speed and the torque. Higher torque settings are required to do the heavy drilling or bolting nuts on very hard surfaces.

The control is important to maintain the precision in your work.  The clutch prevents the stripping of bolts and screws. The adjustable clutch avoids driving the nuts too deep.

Unlike the cordless impact drivers, cordless drill drivers have much better torque control. Impact drivers are more advanced and fit for heavy work, but their complexity gives the user less torque control. Less control can make a deeper drill than you may require. Light surfaces can diminish when drilled with impact drivers. You are also at risk of injuring your hand when using a drill driver with less torque control.

Drill Mounted Light

Now here we have a unique cordless drill driver feature. You’ll see some cordless drill drivers with a built-in flashlight. This feature may not seem a necessary one, but what if you are fastening a bolt and the power goes off? Or you need to drill in a dark place? It’s better that you have a cordless drill driver with a built-in flashlight option.

Short Body Length

No matter how advanced drill drivers become, the short body length is usually preferable. Cordless drill drivers that have a short body length are best in terms of handling in tight spaces. Especially in between the floorboards and on the shelves, short length cordless drill drivers are the most convenient.

Light Body Weight

The big heavy drill drivers may look powerful and sophisticated, but the lightweight cordless drill drivers are preferable to use. You don’t want a long body length of a cordless drill. Similarly, you don’t want it to be big and chunky.

Cordless drill with heavy bodyweight isn’t well-situated when you have to drill for long.  Cordless drill driver with light bodyweight is easy on your hands and works well on any tight-fitting spaces. Light-weight cordless drill drivers are portable too so you can easily take it with you wherever you want too.

 Light Body Weight

Good Fitting Chucks

It’s necessary for cordless drill drivers to have well-centered chucks. The cheaper cordless drill may not have well-centered chucks. The holes may seem to wiggle, and you won’t be able to drill smoothly. It’s a must that your drill bits fit accurately well in the chucks.

Forward-Reverse Switch

The best thing about the cordless drill driver is how multi-purpose it is. You can use it drill holes through a variety of light and heavy weighted surfaces. You can use it to drive screws, nuts, and bolts.

The forward and reverse switch helps to change the drill's control. To drill holes, pull the switch in the forward direction. When you’ve to drive screws, pull the switch in reverse direction. The forward-reverse switch makes the drill and driving easy, making you put less effort. It allows you to swap from drilling to driving and vice-versa easily.

Right-angled Drills

Cordless drill drivers with right-angled drills are very much in demand. These drills have a ninety-degrees device-driven top. They make all the drilling and driving tasks easier in many imaginable ways. With right-angled cordless drill drivers, you can easily reach the ceilings and wall cavities to drive nuts and screws. Right-angled cordless drills are great when you want to make a hidden angled joint.

Many house owners use cordless drill drivers for DIY home projects. Right-angled cordless drills smoothly carve sand block surfaces for DIY projects.

Versatility in Purpose

You don’t just need a cordless drill driver for regular repair work in your house. If you’ve worked on DIY projects before, you’ll know how crucial a cordless drill driver is for DIY works. It’s perfect for cutting large circles from cardboard surfaces. Cordless drill driver can very well carve flat, woody, and sand block surfaces.  

There’s much more you can do with a cordless drill driver. Your cordless drill can serve as a life hack tool. Have long wires messed up in your cupboards? Place the wire on the chuck of your cordless drill and give a whirl to form a neat bundle of wire. Your cordless drill driver can serve as a hand mixer to mix paint or concrete mix.

Versatility in Purpose


The cordless drill driver is versatile in its uses. Its main uses include drilling holes, and driving and fastening nuts, screws and bolts. The absence of the cord in the drill driver makes it super convenient and preferable. It comes with rechargeable batteries that last long.

The forward-reverse switch makes it easier to switch from drilling to driving and vice-versa. Its adjustable clutch help setting the right speed for any work. Cordless drill drivers provide the right amount of torque control. Other cordless drivers like impact drivers are of superior quality but give less torque control to the user.

It’s a must for a cordless drill driver to have well-centered chucks so that the drill bits can fit in well. Short body length, lightweight, compact body, and the balance cordless drill driver give, makes it the best tool. Many cordless drill drivers also have a built-in flashlight that helps when working in dark areas.